It's easy! You must be a National H.O.G.® member first. To sign up as a National H.O.G.® member call 1-800-CLUBHOG or visit Once you are a national member, pick up the local chapter membership form at the parts desk at Silver Eagle Harley-Davidson®/Yamaha. Return the completed form with $15 for a membership. The chapter meets at Silver Eagle Harley-Davidson®/Yamaha the second Tuesday of each month and has many events to attend. We hope to see you!

This is a great way to get out, go for a ride and meet new people!

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HOG 2016


Title Name
Director Jeff Shima
Assistant Director John Marsau
Membership $15.00
Road Captains

Kory Staff
 Steve Cummins
Jerry Welter

Dennis Huffman
Jeff Shima


For more information on what H.O.G.® is and how you can become a part of this fun, local group, visit The Official H.O.G.® website.